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Care Guide

Our pieces are delicate, due to the intrinsic nature of enamel (it has a tendency to chip under the stress and strains of everyday life). That being said, we’re always working hard to improve the quality of our enamel by testing out different techniques to find the best ones.

Here's what we recommend you do to keep the wear and tear at a minimum:

  • Our bracelets can't swim so avoid wearing your enamel pieces in the ocean, pool, or shower. 🚫 🌊

  • Avoid wearing enamel with lots of other metal jewelry.

  • Avoid banging your wrist on table tops, laptops and any other hard surfaces.

  • And definitely avoid throwing your pieces into the bottom of your purse….

Our jewelry is not supposed to be precious but, a bit like humans, imperfect and a little bit beat up. 😉 We actually like them best when they have a bit of the wearer's character in them.
What's most important is that you love them!


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